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Hello! I'm Annika! I'm an aspiring Nutritionist and lover of Jesus and life! I live in Boise, Idaho and currently engaged to my best friend. I'm passionate about nutrition - specifically plant based, but you may see some chicken or turkey pop up here and there ;).

I was raised a vegetarian but at a young age that didn't mean much. Many times throughout my life I was questioned about why I was a vegetarian. I didn't really have much of an answer besides that's how I was raised and the thought of killing an animal tugged my heart. My mom always had a huge garden and it was just natural for me to go outside and pick fresh fruit and vegetables. Nothing taste better than fresh food from the backyard. P.S. visit my mom's site here :).

I'm passionate about healthy eating. Cooking healthy is NOT expensive and it's not hard either! You also don't have to go vegetarian or vegan or whatever else there is out there. I'm vegetarian by choice but I will eat turkey and chicken once in awhile. My biggest suggestions is to get to know your body, because when you do you'll know when something's not right.

I hope you find inspiration, encouragement, faith and a desire to want to change the way you eat. Through my recipes, tips, meal plans, and simple suggestions I hope you're able to learn why it's important to eat plant based foods and eat healthy too! I also love sharing life posts here and there ;). Thanks for checking out my little space!

Lots of love,