Weekly Vegetable - Bell Peppers

Hello readers! We are just about halfway through June! Time is flying over here and I have a little less then 3 months to finish up wedding stuff! ;)

I am a lover of Bell Peppers... whether they are green, yellow, orange or red... they are all delicious and unique in their own way. I made some stuffed Bell Peppers last night and they turned out fabulous.

Benefits of Green Bell Peppers: They contain fiber which is great for keeping your digestive system going. Bell Peppers also have Vitamin C & E which is great for your immune system and Bell Peppers also contain antioxidants! (source here)

There's so many different ways you can use Bell Peppers. I love them raw with some type of ranch, hummus or onion dip. I love them roasted.... or even stuffed like I made last night. You can use all different types of foods to stuff them with, but I like using pilaf, Spanish rice, or a quinoa.

Cheers to Bell Peppers ;)


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